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The premier choice for current & former military medics interested in becoming Community Paramedics


HomeFront Health is the industry-leader
in advanced community paramedicine education.

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The HFH Academy

HomeFront Health is on a mission to create an entirely new and much needed level of healthcare provider. One that can expertly extend the frontlines of care into the home, or wherever it’s needed most. To do this, we are opening a ‘schoolhouse’-inspired academy to educate and train this new army of service-driven medics. 


The first part of the education will be based on a new curriculum, developed and written by the world-class health leaders at HomeFront Health, and begins with our medics achieving a Community Paramedic certification. The second part revolves around learning, refining, and honing in real world skills and techniques that come from our very own military-trained and field-tested health leaders. The staff at HFH hail from some of the most elite organizations within military medicine, and are uniquely experienced to prepare you to step into this new role as an Intermediary Healthcare Provider.


What to Expect

By attending the HFH Academy and completing the 3-week course, you'll obtain:

  • Community Paramedic education, greatly increasing your chances of passing the CP-C exam

  • Military-style field-training that includes critical thinking & real-world communication training

  • Value-based care training that elevates your paramedic capabilities in any environment

  • A Paramedic Skills refresher during the course

  • An opportunity to refresh pharmacology and pathophysiology with world-class instructors

  • HFH Academy Certificate of Completion

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Those who perform at the highest levels during the academy, and pass the CP-C exam, will be offered full-time positions as a HomeFront Health Medic, embarking on a new mission-driven career doing work that matters.

Locations & Upcoming Dates: 

  • San Antonio, May 17 - June 4, 2021

  • Near Ft. Bragg, TBD

What is a Community Paramedic?

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the need to lighten the burden on an already overburdened healthcare system, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) made it possible for hospitals to deliver hospital-level care in the patient's home for more than 60 acute conditions. What’s this mean for you? Better, more rewarding job opportunities. 


At HomeFront Health, our Mobile Medics are extending the frontlines of care by providing extensive care, wherever it’s needed. This is their new battlefield. And the HFH Academy is the only program in the nation preparing medics at the highest level of training. 

What a Certified Community Paramedic can do:


HFH Academy

Learn from the best paramedicine, military-trained team in the country and set yourself up to join a team of like-minded, service-driven people.